Permanent Bans & Temporary Bans

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It can be disheartening to find that your BHW account has been banned. It might even seem unfair, especially if you've been using the platform for years or you've built up a reputable account.

To help you understand what an account ban means, you first need to understand the two types of bans we have here: permanent and temporary bans.

Permanent Bans

It means just that: the ban is indefinite.

Permanent bans are primarily issued to users who repeatedly violate our rules.

When an account is permanently banned, this means that the person, people, or company behind the account is permanently banned from our platform as well. In other words, it's not an invitation to make another account.

If your account is permanently banned, you can open a support ticket using to inquire about the ban. However, note that our staff are under no obligation to lift a permanent ban.

Temporary Bans

When your account is temporarily banned, this means that your ban will automatically be lifted after a specified amount of time, which you can see by logging into your account.

A temporary ban is our way of telling you to start following the rules, otherwise the ban will become permanent.

The most common mistake a temporarily banned member makes is creating or using another account to circumvent the temporary ban. This will just result in your temporary ban immediately being changed to a permanent ban.


1. This isn't fair?

Life isn't fair, and adding a question mark doesn't make this a question.

2. I shouldn't have been banned! How do I get my ban reviewed?

Submit a support ticket using and they'll review your ban. In some rare cases, bans are accidental, and in those cases, the bans are lifted.

3. Why am I being mistreated?

Like any relationship, it goes both ways: if one party does not want to be involved with the other, they do not have to.

4. Can I kick and scream and bang my head against the floor to get my ban lifted?

No, this isn't a forum for ill-manned toddlers. In fact, this is a good way to ensure that your future ban requests never get lifted.

5. I was banned because I did not resolve a dispute. Can I come back?

Never. We do not tolerate scammers here. Do not bother creating another account or submitting a ban request as you will never be welcome back here.

6. Can I pay for advertising and membership to come back?

No, we do not accept bribes.

7. Can I threaten the forum to get my ban lifted?


8. Why are the rules here so complicated?

This is a black hat forum, where we cater to a community interested in getting around rules on other platforms. Unfortunately, this means our own rules end up being complicated.

9. Why is it so easy to get banned here?

On the contrary, it's very difficult to get banned from here. Take this user for example. They created at least 2 other accounts on our platform that were banned for spamming, and their main account was banned after 23 warnings, most of which were for selling outside of the marketplace. How many times does someone need to be told not to stick a metal fork in an outlet?

10. I skimmed past everything above. Where can I make a suggestion on revising the forum rules for my own benefit rather than for the betterment of the community?

Not in this thread. Go to the forum suggestions and feedback section for that.

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