What is BB code and how do I use it

Modified on Tue, 21 May 2024 at 02:47 PM

As you spend more time on BHW, you will encounter BBCode. For example, if you try to update your sales thread, we will ask you to edit your BBCode and send it to us. This guide should help you get through this process quickly.

What is BBCode?

BBCode is a simple markup language similar to HTML. It's designed to let forum users quickly format content in almost any way they wish.

If you are already familiar with HTML, you should have no issues using BBCode, however, if you have no experience of anything like this, BHW's what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) editor will come in handy.

How do I create my BBCode?

BHW's WYSIWYG editor will handle most of this for you. This is the WYSIWYG bar available on the forum:

When you're done creating your thread, you can check it out using the "preview" button at the top right of the editing bar.

This will show you exactly how your message will appear when you post your reply or thread before you actually do it, allowing you to check your work before sending any BBCode to a moderator.

How do I get BBCode from my live thread?

If you already have a live thread, you may find it's quicker and easier to get the BBCode from your existing thread and edit it rather than start again. There is an easy way to do this.

1. Go to your live thread and press the "reply" button in the bottom right of the original post, next to the "+Quote" button.
2. Go to the quick reply box at the bottom of the thread.
3. Go to the top and bottom of the quoted message and remove the quote tags at the beginning and end of the reply.
4. Press the brackets icon in the top right of your WYSIWYG Editor.

5. What you now see is your BBCode. You can edit it here and use the preview button to see how it will look.

Once I have completed my edited post, how do I access the BBCode?

When you have completely finished any edits you wish to do, please go to the top right of the WYSIWYG toolbar and press this icon again.

Your toolbar will change and the WYSIWYG buttons will be deactivated.

This is your BBCode. This is what Moderators need to update your threads.

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