Searching Made Easy: Master List Of All Newbie Guide Threads

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"Search the newbie guide section", they said. Except where could the answer to the question you're looking for be? Is it in newbies? Is it in newbies+? Is it in brand new to BHW? Who knows, am I right?

I know that searching the newbie guide section can be cumbersome. We also can't fault anyone for not knowing how to use the search function on the forum when they might not know where to find the newbie guide thread telling them how to do this. It's so much easier to just hit CTRL(CMD)+F than to use the search function.

In case you're wondering how to use the search function to search the newbie guide section, select "Newbie Guide" in the forums list and select "search sub-forums as well".


Now, without further ado, here's a master list of every newbie guide thread.

As an added bonus, I've even added some keywords that aren't in the titles next to some of the threads just to make things even easier. These keywords are based entirely upon the many, many messages I've received over the years.

Brand New to BHW

The Three Commandments of BHW - "BHW Rules"

Membership levels, explained - "Junior member", "elite member", "senior member",

Welcome to BlackHatWorld - "new to the forum"

Something for the lurkers - "lurking"

Some friendly advice - "what is SEO?"

Read This Before You Pick A Username - "used my real name as my username"

How can I make $XXX per day/month/year? - "how to make money"

Rule 3.13: No Political & Medical Posts Explained - "COVID", "coronavirus"

Is it allowed to sell or ask to buy BHW account? - "sell my BHW account"

How to: sign up to BHW - "how to create an account", "how to make an account"

Can I Discuss E-whoring Here? - "pretend to be a woman for money", "ewhoring"

"Our system has detected that an AdBlocker is installed in your browser" Issue - "error message"

A List of Sections With Restrictions - "can't post"

How to: use two-step verification (2fa) - "two step", 2-step", "2 step", "1, 2 Step"

I want to know about hacking, where can I find this information? - "hacker", "cracker"

Can I discuss politics and religion on BHW? - "hinduism", "hindu", "allah", "lord", "jesus", "Christianity", "Trump", "government", "tin foil hat", "Putin", "The Queen", "Bill Gates", "microchipping"

WTB, HAF, WTF? Acronyms and jargon, busted -"BTC, CPA, CPC"

Read This Before You Ask An SEO Question - "what is SEO"

Want To Buy - "WTB rules", "HAF rules"

Where can I sell XXX / How much is my XXX worth? - "where to sell"

Can My Business Partners/Friends/Family Join The Forum? - "invite friends", "invite family", "invite business partner"

Can I advertise on BHW? - "banner ad", "sticky", "stick"

How to: watch threads and follow members - "follow threads"

Why can’t I send a private message? - "15 posts", "can't start conversation"

How to: manage email notifications - "not getting emails"

Can I change my username? - "change username"

Why do I keep getting spam error messages when I try to post? - "can't post"

Download Section Rules -"download rules", "downloads rules"

Hire A Freelancer - "HAF rules"

How To Gain Access To Your Old Account- "lost account", "lost access", "old account", "previous account"


How to: create a post - "can't post"

How To Avoid Scams - "got scammed", "protect myself"

How to: create a thread - "can't make a thread"

How can I contact BHW support? - "message a mod", "PM a mod", "support tickets"

How to: search BlackHatWorld - "search feature"

I Have A Question That I Need Answered. Where Should I Send It? - "ask questions", "forum feedback", "suggestions"

How To: Attach A File To Your Post - "upload", "file attachment"

Why can’t I start a conversation? - "can't PM", "cant PM"

How to: edit a post - "change post", "edit post"

What Section Should I Create My Thread In? -"where to post"

How to: reply to a post - "can't reply"

Can I change my username? - "change username", "change name"

I Find A Member Annoying. What Should I Do? - "block member", "blacklist member"

Why Was My Thread Moved? - "moved thread"

Password Reset Information - "change password"

How to: Manage BHW news notifications - "news alerts"

How to: view the white BHW theme - "change theme", "white background", "change background"

"Why Are There So Many Rules Here?" - "too many rules", "lots of rules", "i hate rules",

Why do I keep getting spam error messages when I try to post? - "post contains spam"

Why isn't my post count increasing? - "posts not counting"

"I Received an Infraction For Selling, But I Was Only 'Helping'! What Can I Do?" -"punished for selling"

How to: change or select an avatar -"change image", "change picture"

Privacy options on BHW - "make profile private"

How to: Find Content and Threads by other users. -"search profile"

Forum etiquette - "trolling"

How to: watch threads and follow members - "follow threads"

How to: React to a post - "like a post"

How to: Bookmark a thread - "keep track of a thread"

How To Leave A Review - "bad review", "good review"

An Overview Of Post Count Inflation - "rule 3.5", "thank you, "following"

Can I Re-Post A Deleted Thread? - "post a thread again

Push notifications on BlackHatWorld - "pop-up notifications"

What to do if you see spam on the forum -"how to report"

iTrader is now feedback - "leave review"

What is an infraction and what do infraction points mean? - "unfairly warned", "regretfully warned", "infracted", "banned from selling"

How to: Manage BHW news notifications - "newsletter", "stop BHW spam (it's not, but some people call it this, so now it's a keyword)"

How to: post a quote - "multiple posts", "cite users"

I've got an infraction, what do I do? - "warning", "can't sell"

I'm not happy with a seller - what should I do? - "scammer", "bad service", "complain about a seller"

How to: report a post - "report button"

How Do I Change My Timezone? - "change clock", "wrong time"

How to: turn email notifications off - "stop emails"

How to: delete a post- "remove post"

I contacted support days ago - why haven’t they got back to me? - "slow support",

Can I close my account? - "delete account"

I wrote a post in my native language, why has it been deleted? - "English only"

Why have I been banned? - "why ban", "you have made a big mistake", ban from bhw"

My post was deleted!! Why?? - "my post gone", "my post removed", "my post banned"

Can you bulk delete my old threads and posts? - "delete posts", "delete my posts", "delete threads", "delete my threads"

Why can’t I post? - "can't post", "cant post", "not able to post"

List of All Available Emojis ✌️- "emoticons"

“Help, I Can’t Access Any of the Post Features Because They're Disabled!”- "banned from posting", "cannot post", "can't post", "can not post"


How to: start a conversation - "DM", "direct message", "private message", "AM", "PM"

Jr. VIP: What You Need To Know - "jrvip", "JR VIP", "blue username"

What Is Jr. Executive VIP? - "Jr. Exec", " Jrexec", "Jr Exec", "light blue username"

Can I run a competition? - "contest"

What Is Executive VIP - "Execvip", "white username", "old members"

How to: find conversations in your inbox - "search inbox"

I'm A Regular Member. How Do I Respond To My "Hire A Freelancer/Want To Buy" Thread? - "banned from my own thread", "can't respond to my own thread", "banned from posting", "banned from responding"

How to: create a new sub-forum - "new section"

How to: add images to your posts - "embed images, "post images"

How to: upgrade your membership - "donate to forum"

Useful URLs for some of the most used links - "inbound links"

How to: invite others to a conversation - "talk with more ppl", "speak with more others", "group convo", "yargshmargedsen"

How to: reply to a conversation - "reply to PM", "reply to DM"

I put in my date of birth wrong, can I change it? - "DOB"

How to: leave a conversation - "I don't want to talk to this guy anymore"

Negative SEO, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly - "neg seo"

Why a Mod May Not Respond to Your Message - "no response from mod", "no response from admin", "why mod not responding to my urgent request?"

How To: Sort Conversations by Unread - "find unread messages"

Everything You Need To Know About The Signature Space Rules - "sig rules"

How to Create Folders in Your Inbox - "organise", "organize"

Marketplace Sellers

The Review Process Explained - "how to submit to marketplace"

How To Pin (Sticky) Your Marketplace Thread - "green text thread", "please read"

BHW Marketplace Support - "", "support desk"

How to Post a Marketplace Thread - "how to sell"

How to: create a signature - "make signature"

'How Do I Make My Thread Title Bold?' - "bolt title in marketplace"

I’ve got an infraction but I want to post a Marketplace thread - can you remove it for me? - "why am I being punished?", "can't submit to marketplace", "punishment"

Why Was My Sales Thread Rejected? - "banned from marketplace", "rejected from marketplace", "rejected BST" , "banned BST", "rejected to prom".

Marketplace Thread Bumping - When can you post in your sales thread? - "advertise marketplace", "advertize marketplace", "24 hour rules", "72 hour rules"

What Section Should My Marketplace Thread Go In? - "where to post"


How Many Services Can I Open In The Marketplace? - "open multiple threads", "open multiple services", "open multiple BSTs"

Re-Opening Marketplace Threads - "open old BST"

How To Embed A Sales Graphic - "put image in sales thread, "put image in BST"

I want to sell BLAH is this allowed? - "can i sell...?"

What is BBCode and how do I use it? - "brackets"

New to Marketplace

Instructions On How To Send A Review Copy To A Marketplace Moderator - "where to send review copy"

How The Marketplace Listing Fee Works - "how much to sell in marketplace?"

"Is My Marketplace Review Thread Public?" - "can others see my BST before approval?"

How To Quickly Scan Through Marketplace Sales Content To Find A Service - "read sales threads"

Researching Black Hat World Sellers - "research sellers", "research BSTs"

Spotting Fake Marketplace Reviews - "is seller posting fake reviews?"

[Guide] How To Buy - "buy in marketplace"

10 Pieces Of Advice For The Aspiring Marketplace Seller - "advice for selling"

Should I Respond To Everyone Who Posts In My Marketplace Thread? - "respond to customers"

Where Do I Get A Sales Thread Graphic From? - "sales image"

[Guide] Advertising Your Marketplace Thread - "more sales", "more customers", "more clients"

Why We Do Not Offer Sales Thread Pre-Approvals - "approve my BST right this instant".

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