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What is not allowed in the Buy, Sell or Trade forum?

Last Updated: Jul 30, 2013 05:32PM BST

Anyone caught hijacking a BST or services thread will be subject to infractions and/or being banned from the forum. 

If the above applies please complete the next set of steps:


  1. Create your thread, it will go into a moderation queue. You should keep a copy of the thread text and title. Make sure your thread is a final edit, write it in Word first.
  2. Send a PM to a one or more of the BHW staff, this should:
  3. Include a brief summary of your proposed product/service and the pricing at the top of the PM.
  4. Include the title used for your BST thread.
  5. Include the full text of your proposed BST thread.
  6. Include requirements, if any, for the moderator to review your service.
  7. NOT be sent to 'Moderators In Training'.
  8. It is required that a Moderator review your service, and it is expected that you provide the top level package or service if this is applicable. If you are unable to provide this, you are unable to service the large market that BHW provides.
  9. Wait patiently to hear back from the staff regarding your services thread, DO NOT send follow up PMs requesting the status of your thread.
  1. If your thread is approved pay a $30 listing fee via PayPal to
  1. Do not try to jump the queue for BST approvals. PM titles such as 'REPLY ASAP!!!!', 'URGENT URGENT URGENT', or anything similar will not gain you favor with the staff. Similarly sending multiple messages or spamming IRC will only give a negative impression of your professionalism. Don't do it!

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